We would like to ensure the best role balance possible, to maximize dancing time for all of you.

  • If you register with a partner as a couple, you place will be automatically secured for the event.
  • If you register as a single follower or single leader, your place is not automatically secured. We will do our best to secure a place for you, either by pairing you up with someone dancing in the opposite role and also had single registration, or by allowing a healthy surplus of the role with more registrations (most probably followers :) ). You can maximize your chance to get in to the event by getting a follower/leader to accompany you. When your later registering partner adds your name as partner in the registration form, you will be admitted to the event automatically. In case don’t have a registration partner, we highly recommend you to post in the facebook event Jingle Land 2019 that you’re looking for a partner - it eventually works many times and you can register with automatic admission with a partner! :)


Level 2

You know the basics of West Coast Swing, your next step is to improve your technique. You need more pattern variations and footwork. You favor when teachers explain lead and follow of new movement variations in detail. You need inspiration for additional styling elements and musicality.


Level 3

 You are an experienced dancer, you have attended several international events as well as participated in numerous competitions. Your aim in classes is to widen your styling base, deepen musical understanding and further develop your technique. You want to use all of these to develop your own style.



Participation in the competition is free and only possible in combination with a full pass or a Saturday pass