Saturday Christmas Dinner….

Christmas dinner buffet
  • fried rice
  • fried potatos 
  • Pork tenderloin served with creamy mushroom sauce
  • Ham
  • Chicken satay 
  • Fantasy of vegetables,
  • Raw vegetable salad
  • 2 different salades, filled eggs, appetizers, salmon steak, melon with air-dried ham
  • Turkish bread with garlic/herb butter
Dietary requirements can be passed on the registration form

Lunch (saturday & sunday)

  •  Lunch on Saturday and Sunday Chicken soup
  •  Sandwich with cheese
  •  Sandwich with ham
  •  Sandwich with croquette
  •  Sandwich with minced-meat ball (frikandel)  French fried
  • 8 appetizer croquette (bitterballen) 
  • 8 savouries (gemengd bittergarnituur) 
  • 3 bami snacks or fried rice snacks
Lunch can be ordered in advanced by filling in a form available at the registration desk.